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train food
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in happy birthday ducky's LiveJournal:

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Thursday, May 18th, 2006
4:16 pm
frosted glass animal ladyfriend
sleeping haven't you
by fingering trees
bubble up and away
sky art
my little psychotic genius friend
do you know who you are?
Monday, January 30th, 2006
1:52 pm
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
1:02 pm
i miss trains too
get under my arm
tomorrow? sunday? saturday? want to play?
have a date?
buy UNDERS!!!!

Current Mood: groggy
Thursday, November 24th, 2005
10:46 pm
I haven't done this in a while.
This is sure to get lots of comments.
well, at least from danielle and hellen and sammi even!

these are pictures
of me with my new hair
these are also pictures of my finger woman wearing my old dread
and i think an elf on santa and a pot belly elephant

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Current Mood: sleepy
4:31 am
my hair
isn't there
Friday, October 7th, 2005
2:27 am
take me under undertaker
take me home
Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
12:11 am
im gettin' shit faced in the 'brary
happy birthday lila
no, im just doing my homework
my hands are whiter than normal
maybe fatter too
we're all fatter
so anyways, i've discovered and it's too bad really
but i definitely always feel alone
it's kind of rough, in that 'oh damnit, that's how it is, isn't it' kind of way
but i'll be on my way to the stairs soon
and i can just hide in the floral arrangements
and i dont' care if my pants are wet

Current Mood: exhausted
Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
7:10 pm
these relatively older men are talking about porn names. how you come up with yours. you know take your street name and your first pets. that sort of thing
i just think it's funny
i don't appear to meet any of the requirements that makes one have to appeal their recieval of financial aid yet im still writing a letter
this is scary
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
9:14 pm
the house has a kitty!
it's a little orange cat, well a kitten
it's s o cute and it keeps eating the new plants from ikea
and spilling water and playing in the lamps and walking on the keyboard
and on me
which i don't mind
it's playing with glasses now!
oh it's the cutest thing in the world
it's hissing at the glasses!!!!
i love it
it looks like it's going to sleep on the table now
maybe it likes watching me type
it is watching me, now it isn't
it's a crazy little sweetheart
i think im going to make it love me now
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
12:29 am
we get up
we get up
we get up so high
you get down
find your hands hanging out
someplace you'd never expect
where you're not sure you've intended them to be
if you'd get down a bit more
you'll be free

Current Mood: tired
Friday, July 1st, 2005
7:23 pm
renouncing dependency never smelled so bad
it was good to see you today
Thursday, June 30th, 2005
7:27 am
you are sleepy
and melancholy
you miss a bear

Current Mood: sleepy
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
12:25 am
i just killed a bug
and i think it made all the other bugs scared

we found scorpions in our house and it makes me worried that i will wake up to one

today i made a drink for myself and it was delicious

the bug is back, but i won't kill it. it's not a mosquito
i miss lila, among other things

Current Mood: pensive
Monday, June 27th, 2005
4:11 pm
OOH ouchies
i wouldn't have guessed that you had such big guns

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
1:56 pm
hi my name is laine peterson
I often find that when I'm talking to myself during the day, lately I've been thinking of it the way angela chase does in my so called life. without the likes muddling the sentences but then I begin to think of it as how it could become a livejournal entry or how other people write in their live journals
inevitably I begin to think of it in relation to how i speak when i interact with people
we sure do keep a lot of things quiet between us. you know people
this entry basically has been prompted by me sitting in the food court of the student union after i belched into my small diet soda from panda express after eating black pepper chicken.
i think black pepper chicken is my favorite side at panda express, except i will not eat the celery. it's disgusting
and i thought, wow that is kind of gross. you know when i belched into my soda and it made bubbles go
also today i sat again for a small while reading a few weekly magazines (but they're all the same and so although I read a different one yesterday it isn't really telling me anything I didn't already know) and i finished with vanity fair's article on nicole kidman. it left me feeling pretty good
then i went to put them all back and i discovered alexis bledel on the cover of seventeen
this made me happy because I like her a lot,but then I read her article and i should have stuck to nicole kidman.
i still like miss bledel. well I actually like her more but she made me think of my unrealistic idealism.
she's a smart girl
this weekend will prove fun? I am happy for friday night and wary of saturday. i will no doubt go through phases of saturday night feeling depressed, lonely, superior and angry and hopefully of course a drunk feeling.
there are many people coming to see my play this weekend and I think it's swell they are phoenix people
uh what else? oh yeah. the chocolate iguana. where the fuck are the scattered thunderstorms my weather alert has been preparing me for the past few days?!!
i am excited for going to work in the winter. i am also excited for winter because iwill be refurnishing my wardrobe with tweed coats.
you know i had some wonderful coats that i was forced to sell at buffalo because i was broke. and actually one I was just thinking about while looking at fashion magazines (men's coats and style is in apparentlynow!) was not purchased by buffalo but actually not given back to me when I'd finished my shopping and was collecting my bag and the things they didn't want to buy from me. it's a huge tweed jacket from goodwill I got a few years ago. and anywyas I will miss it this season
it smelled great too
i have to make phone calls now which I dread.
but that's alright
sometimes I think im trying to live in a bit of a fantasy world. ha, that sounds silly. but really
a fantastic life of coffee and books and theatre and self progression and provocative late night wanderings that are really relatively bland (in case marina is wondering if this is about her.. it's not!)
but you know. even just by myself (mostly by myself)
i feel like im waiting for something to happen or some interaction to happen
uh im going togo now

Current Mood: weird
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
3:01 pm
I'm so happy!!!!!!
I got a job at the Chocolate Iguana on fourth ave. so be sure to come and see me and cool down.
oh im so happy. okay

Current Mood: giddy
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
2:52 am
butthirty tylenol is certainly
certainly. quite
not enough
so shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
because it's just
you didn't have your stomach pumped
or charcoal in your teeth
stuck in for days
to getit all out
in the white sheets
you didn't
you go blah blah
and beds of little places in the semen
you didn't know that
on the street
in my
yeah. i know
im eating
and maybe finally
i'll sleep
didnt last night
my head hurts and not anymore
no headahces tonight
five maybe? five
yeah i think so
deliciousness again
there. where?
yeah. than
k youfor the pressure you
uh huh
into me. it was
silly. you are silly. it isn't real anymore
when you talk
of course you are a good person
calling just to ask that question
i can't believe
iyeah. i can certainlly quite
. quite
wha a word
too often used i think
but an
object. discreet
shhhhhhhhhhhhh. im stealing things
okay. yes. im well aware
it's something to not share
but you share so opening misses
andi konw it's not true
i don't think it's true
i stopped in front of the train tonight
and near the sprinklers
and took off my shirt
and felt a little bit like yout ongiht
and laid in the grass
and my shoes, my nice little shoes are soaked and my nice little skirt
and my nice little shirt
and my other shirt is in my bag
and im soaked with tucson's water
and it wasmch betters and my body's made for babies
and and and and
i just couldn't really belive when
when you talked of thirty. because fifteen just
and sixty would work,b ut thirty is just tricking yourself into having serious problems
you dn't
neither of us do
none of us
but the restaurant that leads into another little place
and the pipes rusted with your sadness that's all true
and i find that
and you left for t
exas. and you left for texas
and are in the grass with your wine
and i miss you
and i miss you also
but i won't call. tongiht as least
tmorrow i may
i cried when you called me tonight
and that was certainly true and i didn't pick up when you called
and sleep is so welcome and the bicycles aren't okay
goodnight sleep
sleep softly
sleep softly
how do you sleep?

Current Mood: damp
Saturday, June 11th, 2005
1:55 am
tooooooo niiight
i celebrate my skinnny grass pices on the knuclkles onf your forearm and catching
outside near the concrete
pinki buildings
david orders pizaaa
your toes are havinging over your sandals
and i threw up on the street where my parents died
his names dave too you know
dio you smell the air outside it is stuck in my nose
rehearsal was not good tonight and the company after even worse
i didn't even get to finish the movie, but i know how it ends

Current Mood: disappointed
Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
12:44 am
you who, yoohoo

why don't i like people?
because laine. there is no one out there to like
now if you're reading this you should assume i don't like you
no im just kidding
i just don't like you at 12:14 am tuesday morning
but i'll like you again real soon
very soon
not this soon
soon enough
sometimes i wish i wrote for a column in a paper
tonight my latte was burned to a crisp. one more reason to dislike epic cafe
do you want to know what i did this weekend?
i went tubing on the salt river and it was so dirty
i think there was poop in the water. and marshmallows were following us
lots of drunkies passed out and throwing up
lots of fat people in bikinies. well just fat girlies. bikinis. i can spell!
not just chubby girls. fat fat girls. but whatever at least they're comfortable with their bodies
god knows i am not. nor are most of the rest of us. i suspect
i need the school year to begin. because!!!!!! since you asked. i am tearing out my eye lashes this summer in utter boredom and stagnancy (is that a word!?) i think i've been using the word stagnant too often
i've reorganized my room. it is a disaster right now. but at least have a place to sleep now
i want to go to of ontreal. montreal
but i fear that we wil end at eleven and my bicycle will take me there by eleven thirty and then the show will be over?
i need the school year to start because
a) i will have something to do daily. like a schedule and it will make me for worthwhile.
b) it will mean winter is coming
c)i can't wait to go to school in the dark
d)will i be ablet o wake at seven am every morning?
e) i enjoy thursday evening poetry club meetings
f) school will be crowded and i can become invisible and listen to people's conversations and get lost. and steal things from people's pockets. i've probably done that to you.
g) (i just did the alphabet in my head) i will learn more and not have to run through the alphabet in my head. i will always know what letter comes next h)can i skip working at safeway in july please?
i) today i almost thought i was looking forward to seeing you. our intellectual conversations. where you talk and i listen and then i get to make side notes to your novel. yes that is it. i was little margin writings in your life's novel. or your words and thoughts. but please dont think that you can love me purely from far away. and not hurt me. it will make me put a pillow to my face, but maybe first to yours. you'd like that though, we'd be like robin and miriam.
j) i had a dream recently where i had sex with woody allen in a pool. then he turned into harrison. ht barkley. weird!! and we ate snack foods in a kitchen and waited for his mom to come home.
k) last night i hdreamt that i fake got married to daniel but then he turned into scott from the play and we went up some neat/scary stairs and there was a women at a booth. more like a young girl maybe and there were flowers and two twin beds and a nice headboard.
l) left for laine and libby
m) my bologna has a first name. but it's boar's head. which is why i like bashas but will shop at safeway tomorrow. i'll never eat your processed lunch meats!!!
n)nobody's faster than bobby cakes. that's a good story and i'll tell you if you ask
o) optomotrist. i cannot spell. i want glasses!
p) peterson. peter's son. nope i'm a girl and my dad's name is david. lynch!! he's my fatha
q) i'm going to have a smokea fter this. my cloves kicked someone's ass this weekend. this guy's ass. i dont like the word ass.
r)rich people are frugal. i am not. hellen is rich and i will buy money trees from her.
s) sunday is our first show for a paid audience. it's seventeen dollars or maybe eighteen. i plan on being real good. then i'm going to buy a playboy. t) tonsils. i hope you don't have to have your tonsils removed courtney. i'll pray for you. wait do you believe in god courtney? shhhhhhh. i hope not
u) underwear. brown and pink with an elephant on it. oh the discoveries i made today. thanks for giving me back some of my clothes lila. even though i ate your strawberries.
v) very very. should go in front of adjectives not really. okay.
w) webster's dictionary. i think i'll marry someone named webster. if i marry at all. which i hope/suspect abhor and think i shall not
x) and y will not be better than xo. cause coldplay is never better tahn elliott smith
y)am i still typing? beacuse i figured i'd go through the alphabet/ why are you still reading? because you like me more than i like you. no probably not. i love everyone. there see now i like you again.
z)wants to know if outside is safe and when it's good to take time off and live. live live live.
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
2:36 am
oh fucksies
did I get that from you hellen?
so I spent some hours talking to my kassey in texas
she sounds so happy and has a good boyfriend. although there seem to be so many similarities to daniel and me
everything seeming like it could be a movie
or those volatile things we do to and at one another
i dont want to know what kind of trouble I could be in with wells fargo
today they let me take 220 dollars from the atm. but I'm thinking that they shouldn't have
oh well!
i need to get a job
canyon cafe won't hire me over the summer
that place is full of old people now. but kind of crotchety. the old man is kind of cute though. he reminds me of the old man in the bakery/deli at safeway
i wonder if i'll see hot safeway deli boy this summer. i always liked washing him slice meats and cheeses
it was better when he didn't open his mouth though.
i can't believe my cloves just fell out of scott's giant suv. what a waste of money and now i can't go outside and have my moment with the wilderness
it's nice because it gave me an allotted amount of time to spend out there.
we're all so devastatingly lonely to the core. and how heavy i was feeling at rehearsal tonight
and how i want to castrate myself for even writing an ounce of that. that misses and falsely conveys and blasphemes that truth i feel so close
the story iris has got my mind reeling in a wonderful way but like the character, well not not like him. but like his journey. him during his journey - i can't imagine and i dont want to wait so long for it.
kassey needs to not tell me about all the beautiful sex she is having. beeauutiful.
brighton beach memoirs depresses me. or leaves me feeling depressed. it's really such an unresolved play like most films I watch i'm left feeling anxious. or not anxious but uhhhhhhhhh a little punched at. so the play makes me feel that way
we are progressing very nicely though.
i'd almost like the school year to begin.
sometimes i think i only get coffee to surround myself with people. even though i go alone. i'm certainly not alone
i bought a gooooorgeous pair of pink and black high heels today
and two shirts
why?!! it made me feel good
but where will i wear these high heels
i made moriah buy a pair of asics. fifteen dollars at buffalo! they make your legs look so good. that silly girl. she has such a cute figure but she hides it under baggy pants and giant tennis shoes
i'm glad we've kept the rainbow flower clock. even though it only ticks at night
i think i may go finish rushmore
oh yes tubing this weekend! i hope wellsfargo lets me withdraw more money tomorrow
oh the debt i'm incurring. oh the bank phone calls i'm avoiding!!!
who wants to get coffee with me??? my treat!!!

Current Mood: restless
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